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We will be giving tours of our home Hutt 01 Passivehouse for sustainable house day

book your tickets for the 21st of april

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What is ESG and net-zero architecture?

Find out more in the Architectural review article
read here.

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A Striking Black Residence Energizes a Neglected Lot and Its Neighborhood in Melbourne

"Melbourne Design Studios creates a net-positive passive house and rear garden that freshen up the area’s industrial feel." Read the full Dwell article here.

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The house is a melting pot of function, lifestyle, beauty, performance and impact and that’s what makes our home so amazing to live in.

Hutt 01 Passivhaus was featured in Hunter and folk. Read the full article here.

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On a challenging, irregular site, Hütt 01 Passivhaus is more than just a home, it’s a testament to the architects’ belief that net zero energy homes are the future.

Hutt 01 Passivhaus was featured in Habitus living. Read the full article here.

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This side-by-side subdivision creates two beautiful new family homes. The projects set a new bar for both home and investment projects in terms of quality, sustainability and design.

Golden bliss was featured in E-architect. Read the full article here.

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Upcycled furniture, herb gardens in preserving jars and homemade shopping bags made from a T-shirt. With their book Ninety-Nine Green Ideas, Felicity and Marc Bernstein want to show what everyone can do to live more sustainably.

Felicity Bernstein did an interview with SBS German About the new book "99 green ideas" listen to the full interview here.

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Melbourne Design Studios presents Golden Bliss, a groundbreaking dual-occupancy project that sets a new benchmark for quality, sustainability, and design in residential development. Comprising two stunning family homes, this side-by-side subdivision seamlessly combines architectural innovation with environmental consciousness.

Golden bliss was featured in architecture and design. Read the full article here.

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The Hütt 01 PassivHaus is a piece of inspiring contemporary architecture with timeless, modernist & nordic touches. It sets a positive example for small-scale urban densification, reconnecting a forgotten piece of land with its environment, providing a super-sustainable oasis for today’s lifestyle in the middle of the inner-urban jungle.

The hütt 01 PassiveHaus got featured in E-Architect. Read the article here .

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MDS directors Felicity and Marc are releasing their book . If you're in Melbourne, come to the amazing book launch event at the Gouthe-Institut Australia
14th December: Prepare yourself for an evening of ideas! Get free tickets via this link

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our lives. And it's not just about the words we say, it's also about the actions we take and the decisions we make: We all leave our mark wherever we go. We all buy new products every day. The authors Felicty Bernstein and Marc Bernstein-Hussmann of "99 Green Ideas" agree: "There is so much good we can create with every choice we make."

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